Noticing Together the Mercy of God

Noticing Together the Mercy of God

Noticing Together the Mercy of God Noticing Together the Mercy of God

- About Susan

Susan  Hoekstra started AFFIRM GRASP Ministries to encourage others to  gain a firm grasp on God's mercy, leading them to notice the way God  notices us.

Born  into Polish-Catholic heritage and raised in the racially tense streets  of Detroit, Susan Hoekstra, at the age of 13, came to a saving faith in Jesus at a local youth group. She also had a dream of leaving her low  socio-economic background and becoming a professional clarinetist. She  did it. She earned music scholarships and degrees, teaching students, and giving performances in concert halls across the country. She held high profile positions in arts administration and public events while  raising two daughters. 

From a distance, it all appeared to satisfy her need to be noticed until her  professional dreams didn’t come true in the way she hoped and her  marriage shattered. The twists and turns of her journey included  financial insecurity, sexual abuse, adultery, family addictions, divorce, the death of both parents and a long list of heartaches. 

Yet, God kept noticing her, kept pursuing her even. He brought people into  her life that saw her brokenness as a temporary condition and introduced  her to the mercy of God. His infinite mercy allowed her to look at  herself through new eyes and view others  differently.  Her  determination to discover “who she is” resulted in discovering “whose  she is.” 

During  this journey, she began songwriting, leading small groups, teaching  bible studies, speaking at women's retreats, mentoring and lay counseling. She has been featured in the November 2018 issue of Just Between Us and March 2019 Christian Devotions. She is host of THE NOTICE - God stories live, and THE NOTICE podcast. Sharing her diverse testimony and encouraging  others towards a deeper understanding of God's mercy is her passion.