Noticing Together the Mercy of God

Noticing Together the Mercy of God

Noticing Together the Mercy of God Noticing Together the Mercy of God

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God Stories Live !

HAVE YOU GOT A COVID 19 God story?

Hey NOTICE friends! Would you love to be on a podcast? I'd love to hear how God has NOTICED you through the Coronavirus pandemic. Send your stories to me via email at susan@susankhoekstra. com no later than April 15th.  I will be sharing your stories on my podcast THE NOTICE. I can't wait to hear what God has done! 

Our last gathering was Friday, February 21st.  What a great evening of worshipping God through story! The award-winning film, FOUR-NINETY, was of the featured stories at THE NOTICE – God Stories Live event held at Trinity Church. FOUR-NINETY, winner of Michigan's 2018 Eclipse Award for Best Short Film and Best Director, is a 13-minute short film written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Scott A. Magie. What a great way to This modern take on an ancient story proves that "the hardest prison to escape is a hateful heart."

THE NOTICE – God Stories Live is a live storytelling event held that features unique stories of how God notices us and how we notice God. Hosted by podcaster, writer, and musician Susan Hoekstra, the coffee house style evening showcases other stories about God's redemption, mercy, and hope.  The evening also featured stories from Chelsea Chamberlain, Marla Lade and Chris Pohlod. What a great evening!


For each gathering, we need a group to act as hostess.  This includes being available at 6:00 p.m. on Friday to set up coffee and refreshments, serve those in attendance and clean up afterwards.  It's a great opportunity for your group to serve!  

If your group helps, we'd like to encourage someone from your group to tell  a story.  This could be about how the group pulled together to help each other or just an individual God sighting. Can't wait to hear what God has done!

God Stories Live !

Interested in telling your story at God Stories Live?  

NEXT GATHERING:  Friday, February 21, at 7:00 p.m. TRINITY CHURCH - Lansing

THE NOTICE Guidelines Form (pdf)