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Do you ever feel invisible or unheard? Do you find yourself grasping onto words of affirmation like a life line? Join us on THE NOTICE - a podcast which explores our need for validation and affirmation through biblical musings and unique stories from special guests. Experience relevant topics and encouragement as we take notice of how the God of mercy satisfies!  


Click below for the latest episode: Noticing God through healing with Julie Eickenroth


Noticing God through healing with Julie Eickenroth, part 2

Have you ever wondered about the different ways God heals? Or how you can stop the pain? Join us for part two of a conversation with Julie Eickenroth, Executive Director of Freedom Farm Ministries in Traverse City, Michigan. We discuss How to Stop the Pain, the variety of ways God heals and how deeply God wants to reach us.  

RECENT Episodes

Episode 10 - Noticing God through rejection

Maybe your dream job was given to someone else or perhaps another relationship ended, or you simply feel unnoticed. If you're alive, you have faced the sting of rejection which may leave you unsure of how to respond. Join us for this episode where we discuss rejection, ways we attempt to get over it and new ways to take notice of God through rejection. 

Episodes 8 & 9

Have you faced some transitions in your life that left you feeling hopeless? Perhaps you are carrying a burden and just need a safe place to talk about it. Where can you go for help? If that's you and you're considering spiritual counseling or know someone who needs encouragement, you'll want to listen for a 2 part conversation with Bob Wessels, Pastor of Care at Trinity Church. We discuss how God equipped Bob for counseling, the importance of community and how counseling can help us have a more intimate relationship with God. 

Episode 7 - Noticing God through listening

Have you ever felt like you were telling your story but no one was truly listening? Or maybe someone has mentioned to you they didn't feel like you really heard what they were saying. If that's you or you'd love to consider new ways to listen, you'll want to join us as we discuss seven different ways we may listen to others, explore what it is we're really trying to say and discover new insights into listening. 

Episode 6 - Noticing God during grief with Ingrid Winsett

The memorial service has ended, the words of sympathy have dissolved, and you find yourself all alone with your grief.  If that’s you or you know someone who lost a loved one, you’ll want to hear this interview with Ingrid Winsett, a ministry leader with Grief Share. We discuss the challenges and process of grief, responding to others who are grieving and how the God of mercy takes notice. 

Episode 5 - Noticing God when busy

Have you ever felt like life is just too busy?  Or you can’t seem to make it to the end of your “to do” list? Listen as we talk about the crazy, hectic lifestyle we lead and how to take notice of God amongst the chaos. We talk about reasons, seasons and being present and how to choose mercy when we fail. So if you are someone who struggles with remaining peaceful during the frenzy of your day or you find yourself over committing, join us!

Episode 4 - Noticing God in secret places with Caroline Hobbs

Have you found yourself going through the motions of life when suddenly out of nowhere, you run into an old friend who shows you a photograph which completely changes your life? Listen to this interview with Caroline Hobbs, a ministry leader with Surrendering the Secret, who shares her story about how God noticed her in the most intimate of ways. Be reminded of how God notices us in the most secret of places.  

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